Our sleeping patterns and habits affect us way more than we like to think they do. A lot of important functions are happening during the time we spend sleeping, ranging from healing and regeneration of cells within the body, processing information to long term memory, have dreams etc. Scientists and doctors all over have already warned us of the many health implications that come with lack of sleep. Our sleep is affected in a number of ways ranging from conflicted thoughts, contemplation or being awake just for the sake of being awake.

Another thing that isn’t discussed or talked about as much is how the sleeping position affects the quality of our sleep as well. One of the worst sleeping position is sleeping while lying on your stomach. This is uncomfortable for the body because the neck has to be craned into a specific angle throughout the time that is spent sleeping, resulting in neck pain later on.

Sleeping on the side of your body can be bad for you when done incorrectly. You will find that sleeping on the side causes nerve compression especially in the legs because of which you experience sore legs or a heaviness in them. One way to fix this is by drawing your legs closer to your chest when you sleep. There are also certain pillows designed to keep between the legs as well as on your face to help you get the best sleeping position. You can look up the top 5 best pillows for side sleepers in order to get what we are talking about here.

The best way to sleep according to research is by lying straight on one’s back since the entire body is relaxed, loosened up and not stretched because of pressure in any weird way.