If you have realize the importance of inspecting your trees but think that you would not be able to do a proper inspection then you should hire a company that provides arborist services and it is quite possible that you might end up needing Tree Surgeons WA if a tree is badly infected.

Telltale Signs of Leaves

The first thing that you should check during the inspection is the leaves of the trees. If you feel that the leaves are not of the same color as they are when the tree is healthy then there is something wrong. It is possible that the leaves acquire new color, develop uneven surfaces or even fall when it is not autumn.

Problems With Branches

The next part that you would need to examine are the branches of the tree. Healthy branches are strong, do not look old or feel brittle and they hang at the perfect angle.

Spot of The Tree

More often then not, trees are planted in spots that are not fit for them as the space is too tight or otherwise unfavorable for the tree. You would need to check whether the tree is having any problem glowing or adjusting to the spot or not.

Infestation in Trees

You should know that often infestation occurs that not only affects one tree, it affects all the trees in an area so if you have heard rumors about infestation in your region then it is a good idea to check your trees for any infestation indications.

Trunk of The Tree

The next thing that you need to check is the trunk of the tree. The thing that you need to remember is that a healthy tree would have healthy bark so you should inspect that.