Tree management is serious business; it’s not only just so your trees look good, it’s also good for their health and your safety. Yes, an unmanaged tree can actually be dangerous for you your house, your car and even your pet dog! Wondering how? Well, it’s so simple it’s kind of scary; when a tree’s branch becomes too heavy for it to manage or when a tree is sick and dying, the heavy branches can fall off. Fallen branches cause more deaths and damage to property every year than you’d think.

Now, before you start being more careful around every tree that comes in your path, it’s a good idea to start taking better care of the trees growing on your property instead. The proper cutting of trees calls for expert hands; basically, your gardener might not be enough for you to maintain your trees but a good tree service Florence SC can do the job.

Tree services include the strategic cutting and pruning of tree branches in a way that will influence them to grow in the right direction. Trees that are growing wildly can expand their branches in a direction that interferes with nearby telephone and power cables. In the worst case scenario, they can also push against buildings and structures, causing them to fall, which can endanger lives.

Trees can also take up too much space or block a nice view, which is the reason why many people get them removed. However, removing a tree doesn’t always mean that you have to cut them down; some good tree service Florence SC offer tree transplanting services as well. This way you can have your tree taken away to a new home without having to kill it after everything it’s done for you.