This article reviews American football cleats that were made in 2017. The American football cleats featured in this article have been based on how well they have been made, how light their weight is, how affordable they are, how easily available they are, and what professional NFL players have thought about using these shoes.

The first cleats that we will feature are the Nike Vapor Untouchable cleats. These cleats have been made completely out of recycled plastic and so are great for the environment as well. About five plastic bottles have gone in to making one shoe but you would not even be able to tell just by looking at the cleats. The design and look of the shoe is great and if you did not already know that they were made of recycled plastic bottle, then you would not be able to tell either. These cleats are super light and are named after how fast you will be. You will be untouchable on the field because of the boost in movement you will get from these shoes. Strength, speed, and durability are what Nike promised with these shoes and it surely delivered. The cleats do however have some downsides to them. Professionals have said that there is not a great amount of breathability in the shoes, and also they cost a lot for shoes that were just made out of recycled plastic bottles.

The second cleats featured are the Adidas Adizero 5 star cleats. These cleats are widely regarded as the lightest and the fastest cleats that were made in the year 2017. Because of the design of these cleats they can manage being fast while also being built in a way that provides sturdiness to the player. These shoes are heavy duty and will last you a long time.