There are many things and habits that can directly impact your child’s dental hygiene in a negative way which includes thumb sucking, consumption of sugary food items, and delaying oral care methods such as brushing teeth. Although you might think as a parent that your children’s milk teeth would soon be replaced by adult teeth, making sure that that baby teeth are firm and healthy is the best way assure overall wellbeing.

Often times baby teeth fall out before their projected time because of the energy filled activities performed by kids such as running on a slippery marble floor without any fear of falling down or not following the daily routine of brushing teeth especially before bedtime as this is the time when most of the bacteria is activated.

Early childhood caries is very common oral disease and many parents become worried when they come to know about this problem. If you feed your kid liquids and solid food items that have a high starch and sugar or carbohydrates, they are more likely to develop tooth decays that quickly form small holes in their teeth. If your infant’s oral cavity is left with some amount of milk at night, this left over milk can react with dental bacteria that creates plaque. If proper care is not maintained in the milk teeth, then it can affect their chances of having firm and upright permanent teeth because the foundational tissues that hold the teeth in the jaw cavity become weak overtime. Overbite and protrusion of front teeth can occur if your child has habit of sucking an object most of the day such as thumb or a pacifier. Pediatric Dentistry is considered one of the best kids dentist in the area and you should check them out.