We have all seen movies where the successful business wakes up in a gorgeous, white, monochromatic condos and walks towards his glass doored balcony that shows a view of the entire city or at least of all the skyscrapers jutting out in all their glory, and it is quite a picture really. There is no denying the convenience and advantages of owning a condo. You get to live within the city district, so everything is around you and within close range. You get different amenities that varies from condominium to condominium like a pool, a gym, security etc.

However, not everyone can adjust to condos and there are some disadvantages that are associated with condos that you need to know about before you make your decision.

First of all, condos are expensive and if you plan on selling them in the future, it is a bad investment option because condos do not have a good resale price. Secondly, condos, like apartments, are shared units, so you will not be able to get complete privacy that comes with having a house of your own. Condos also come with a set of rules that you have to abide by at all times. There rules and policies can range from their pet policy, to hosting parties, being able to rent out your condo etc. While condos do have amenities, they are not entirely free. You have to pay a Homeowner’s Association Fee every month that are used to maintain these amenities regardless of whether or not you are actually using them. At times there are also Home Owner’s Association meetings that you have to attend. So, if you are still interested in buying a condo, you can check out Montreal Canadiens Condos and see what they have to offer.